We are going to see talented Munka’s Duo Shrishti and Tirth Munka in Bollywood 2020.


We have seen Ekta Kapoor and Tushar Kapoor, we have seen Sonam and Arjun, Ranbeer and Kareena and many more brother-sister Duo in Bollywood. It’s time to welcome one more Duo in coming year Shrishti and Tirth Munka.

Tirth Munka as we all know is a famous child actor who has worked with many top stars in recent times. Bollywood films or TV shows this kid has worked in all the screens in a short period of time.

To work at the age of 14 that too, like a PRO shows how much talent is Tirth munka. Tirth is a bright talent, and he has proved his skills by working at the age of 14. We can expect him to grow like Darsheel Safary, Bhavesh, Siddharth Nigam, Fiashal and many young talents who have proven their skills and made a big name on TV and on the silver screen. Tirth Munka is similar talent, and he is gonna make a name like this superstar kids.

Where does the Tirth gets such energy and inspiration? Well, don’t overthink we have the answer to that. He is a copy of his elder sister Shrishti Munka. Yes, Shrishti is a fabulous talent she is a singer, fashion designer, and wonderful actress too. She too will come in many movie projects in 2020. According to the sources, Shrishti is going to be seen in a short film in 2020, and even she is going to do Album with that.

Both Shrishti and Tirth are fantastic talents, and we are sure that both are going to rule in Bollywood in coming years like current famous names of brothers and sisters. Here’s wishing both the talented Duo all the best for their upcoming projects.

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