Gold Dazzles creating memories!

Indian traditions are never complete without all the paraphernalia of customs and rituals. With all these come the rituals of adorning Gold Jewellery. Ancient lore sings compulsions with illogical reasoning for the customary accessories. But science proves that these are not illogical but proven with scientific validity. Whichever tradition or reason we ultimately enjoy dressing up adorning and dazzling with gold jewellery.

Be it the gold bangles worn in the pretty hands or the lavishing garland also known as the gold necklace. Each ornament is unique and definitely needed as we cannot forego without any. Just a timely planning of finances and the ultimate collection of the best in design are a promise of lifetime investment saving. We pass them down to the generations and make them cherish those moments with a feeling of pride ownership.

Gold is such high in value that it doesn’t just come without making a mark or creating a memory. Some traditional special days like Akshaya Tritiya and Diwali come with a blessing that the dazzle being auspicious must make space in our living.

Some untimely art evolving in gold jewellery:

Gold Necklace: The conceptual garland of flowers ones was adding beauty to the better half of the Rishi, Munis living in the forests. Role model for this kind of floral jewellery is the Famous Shakuntala seen in jewellery of white flowers. With evolution came ornaments of metals continuing the designs of floral which have been carried forward to the 22carat gold jewellery. The sleek eye catchy neck looks even more elegant when decorated with an ultimate piece of Gold Necklace.

Designs in Gold Necklace: Heavy long designs of gold necklace were always part of the high-class ladies as depicted by the Maharajas and the Queens. However, the economics and well to do financial planning is assisting even commoners to plan procuring the heavy design.

The short necklace which just covers the neck is also preferred for regular or classy looking attire. Crafting the celestial objects or the floral designs skilfully designed to suit the daily needs. Studded in diamonds or shining in gems women make choices as per the occasion.

Sleek, simple, elegant and classy designs in gold necklace are worn by the working women who always want to look stylish. Sometimes studded with gems or the brighter diamonds the short gold necklaces are both lovable and easily carriable.

Gold Bangles: Wonderfully crafted designs of art and traditions amalgamated in fine rings are the gold bangles. Ideally being possible just as round rings do not give much scope to exhibit artistic skills but it’s the talent of the craftsmen which has created the possibility to add magic to the gold bangles. Symmetrical, asymmetrical, floral, lines, which ever design it’s been a need to have these. Women prefer to have a pair in every design in their closet.

Designs in Gold Bangles: Modernity in the working generation makes women choosy keeping in mind the aura of stylish and classy look that they wish to portray. So how many ever designs in closet women always keep an eye for the latest design in gold bangles. Some reasonably sleek whereas other bold and unique. Studded in gems or fine crafted filigree .Noisy with a dozen completely covering the wrist or a simple & delicate single gold bangle. Gold Bangles worn as a pair or bundled to abundance the target is to enhance the look or dominate the gathering of the occasion. Adorn the wrist choosing to be stylish and make a statement. At times there is nothing wrong in choosing the loud and flashy designs of gold bangles depending on the occasion or function. So, just wear what you care to be the best for you.

Online gold jewellery is introducing us to the fashionable trends and designs. We are in sync with the latest designs along with the confidence of purity and quality. Vaibhav group with a vision to look ahead of times and still be present in the current designs had started in the early 20th century, gladly promoting its designs online on thus easing and powering us with the option of planning and choosing. So, rather than waiting for the occasion one can just browse as and when they want to be upbeat in the latest fashion.