Gold Media Entertainment paves the way to the most important goal for any artist- Digital marketing

Edgar Degas rightly said “Art is not what you see, but what you make others see.” Gold Media Entertainment has been the perfect example of this saying. They not only have recognized art but have been promoting the same on the most influential platform of our generation- social media.

For artists, it is not easy to manage their social media accounts and also promote their work at the same time. Gold media entertainment works towards the better management of the work. Arshdeep Singh, Deep Grewal, Swapan Monga, and Anmol Monga are the fantastic four who have been working hard tirelessly towards one goal since 2015. Their one true aim is to help artists maintain the social media handles and to collaborate with brands in order to grab the best of every opportunity. In this generation, people usually manage to find shortcuts and are busy with their own schedule and their personal social media accounts are enough to keep them flustered. Appreciation for this group of entrepreneurs in any context would only mean to be an understatement.

It is inevitable for an artist to gather an audience and spread his art around the globe. This team of gold media entertainment has made sure that the hard work put in by the artists would truly be worth it when they collaborate it with their intelligence and agenda. One of the most important parts of being an artist is that they should keep their audiences engrossed and updated. Gold media takes the initiative to fulfil all the important aspects that would enhance the artist’s popularity and the number of audience across the globe.

Well, strategies in the marketing world are always going to get tougher but finding the right solution to these tough world problems is the only escape. Gold media is already making a mark in the marketing world. Artists like Mika Singh, Guru Randhawa, Jassi Gill, Bohemia and many others have been their constant clients. They have already made it huge. Companies like Eros, Sony, Zee music have collaborated with Gold Media and have never been disappointed. Social media is one of the greatest tools of marketing and also the largest platform of audiences. Gold Media covers all such platforms for the artists. Confining their work into some small parts would never define their true potential. They not only help in marketing or promoting the artists but they also provide security measures for the artists on social media platforms. Swapan Monga and Anmol Monga have been the pillars of this foundation. They have been giving their best efforts in providing the team with innovative ideas. Being a part of Gold Media Entertainment, they have been constant and driven the team towards greater potential. Anmol Monga in his interview told us about their team efforts and their professionalism. He also mentioned that they also help in promoting new artists with various marketing strategies on social media. Swapan Monga further added that their collaborations and partnerships with different music labels and artists have always been very positive and on growing. The team also mentioned that being digital partners to various movies and music videos have given them valuable feedback. They have been thoroughly appreciated by their partners.

Dedication, hard work and punctuality are the key factors to any profession. Gold Media have been proving its worth from quite some time now. Finding new ways to elaborate the artist’s profession, bring out the best results from the tiniest of chances, and giving them ways to scatter their charm in the world is what this company has been doing. Its all about how inventive and presentable these four minds have been to give the best of circumstances to the artists and their professions. In spite of having to cover the huge attributes of digital marketing, Gold Media has managed to have more than a hundred clients, promote more than a thousand videos and worked in collaboration with most of the famous record labels across the country. If this is somehow less to elaborate their contribution to the market than these are movies that they have promoted- “Manje Bistre, Afsar, Mar Gaye Oye Loko, Carry On Jatta 2, Marriage Palace, Aate Di Chidi.” They have been digital partners in these movies and worked excellently. Having said that, Gold Media, being in the marketing section of this competitive world, provides different categories of services like strengthening of brands, promoting and integrating the content on official videos. Basically, they do not leave any stone unturned to keep their clients contended and fulfilled.

- By Seema Gurnani