Gold Mozae explains the backstory of his latest remix venture, DallasK “All My Life”

Up and coming American DJ and producer Matt Novak, aka Gold Mozae, has been making waves this summer, dropping track after track in the lead up to the release of his new EP. One of his latest remix ventures takes on DallasK’s 2018 charting dance single, All My Life.

With over 4 million streams on Spotify on the original track, there’s a lot to live up to, but Mozae’s rendition manages to inject a new life and energy into the popular dance anthem. His technical style of production lends itself particularly well to the track, creating an uplifting vibe while staying true to the original. Mozae adds a thicker and fuller sound through the use of synth pads, and the drops are livelier and more upbeat, leading into a bouncy and pulsating beat that’s bound to be a hit at the festivals.

Mozae’s love of music is apparent throughout his work to date, but he didn’t start out in EDM. Surprisingly, Novak started his musical journey by learning the trombone in elementary school and was even in a punk rock band for a few years. During college, He began DJing at college house parties and eventually got into producing his own music, which soon led to gigs at night clubs and dance music festivals.

For the past 8 years, Mozae has been a traveling DJ and producer, travelling to some of the biggest cities in the State and working with big name artists like Machine Gun Kelly, Warren G, Diplo, EC Twins, Chain Smokers, Alesso, Chuckie, and Showtek.

Mozae claims that he is a music fan first and then an artist, but there’s no denying that he has a real talent for spotting the right elements to make up a hot dance banger. He’ll often remix a track that he has a close affinity with, and All My Life is no different. Remixes have been an integral part of dance music culture since the beginning and are offer DJs a way to show off their skill in music production. Adding his own unique style and flavor to the existing track keeps the fans moving, and the deeper bass and heavier leads being heard in his All My Life remix have quickly become a trademark of his, packing more punch on the track for the coming summer.

Following the successful reception of the track so far, Gold Mozae has also dropped another remix, putting his signature spin on Calvin Harris and Dua Lipa’s track One Kiss. Gold Mozae is on course to take over the world of EDM with his rhythms and grooves, and with his steady flow of new tunes and remixes he has already begun to create the soundtrack for the summer, topping it all off with his new EP. You can stay up to date with all of Gold Mozae’s latest releases over on his Soundcloud and Spotify pages.