The good life: Life comes full circle

Usually I’m in Delhi for Diwali every year, but this is the first time after marriage that I will be in the city for the festive season. I am very excited to be celebrating with my family, my parents, after so long.

In terms of preparations, I think my parents are preparing more for our visit than for Diwali! It’s more exciting for them that their granddaughter will be celebrating Diwali with them this year. We don’t really have any plans, but as a family we’ll be spending quality time together – my brother, my daughter and my parents.

Pre-Diwali there is lots of spring cleaning that takes places. Cleaning of the house; I guess that’s what my mum is doing at the moment. She likes her house kept clean before Diwali. They are back, my dad is home and we are all very happy after all the ups and downs that we’ve had. I think it’s going to be a good Diwali for all of us.

Growing up, although there were Diwali parties, we were still kids and my parents never left us. We used to do our Lakshmi puja at home. Pollution was much less than it is today, so we merrily burnt our share of crackers and contributed to the pollution! We then distributed sweets to the poor and post that, our parents took us out for dinner.

We used to be very excited because Diwali meant patakas. It’s a shame that my daughter can’t indulge in that any more because of the pollution. I’m very environment conscious, I don’t like pollution and I don’t like smoke of any sort.

When I was in London, mum always insisted that I light a diya on Diwali because it brings good luck and good fortune. I was barely 16 at the time. In London, we cannot burn crackers. But every Diwali, I used to light a diya. My mom used to send it to me through courier.

Whenever she sent me food stuff and clothes from home, there was always a diya along with it for me to light during Diwali. And she always said that I should have a mandir in my room or dormitory and light it there on that day.

Since I got married and moved to Delhi, Diwali has been very happening. Lots of parties and now that I have a daughter, I want to make sure that she has fun on Diwali and spends time with all of us.

We make rangolis, do puja in the office and at home. It’s a pleasant time. I’ve never got the gist of gambling and playing cards, which happens in Delhi. I’m very much a Mumbaikar at heart.

My daughter also has so many friends in Mumbai, she will have a good time here. I’m going to be in Mumbai after a whole year. Life has come full circle – what my parents did with me, I’ll be doing with Tamara now.

— Co-ordinated by Pearl Mathias