'GMB' viewers left 'shocked' as presenters interrogate Curtis Pritchard about his sexuality

Amy West
'Good Morning Britain' viewers slammed the show for their 'invasive' interview of 'Love Island' star Curtis Pritchard on Thursday 8 August (ITV)

Good Morning Britain viewers were left “cringing” and uncomfortable on Thursday 8 August, when the show’s presenters started ‘interrogating’ Love Island star Curtis Pritchard about this sexuality.

Appearing on the ITV breakfast show to discuss his time in the villa, the professional dancer was asked to clarify the recent comments he made about being open to being in a relationship with a man by host Kate Garraway.

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“The future is a road that is unwritten; nobody can ever say what’s going to happen in the future really,” the 23-year-old began to explain. “Last year, would I have ever said that I’m on Love Island? No, so I never want to label what the future’s going to be.

“All I want to say, is that I’m 100% comfortable where I am now in my relationship with Maura [Higgins] and it is moving in the correct direction,” he added.

Curtis Pritchard is currently continuing his relationship with Maura Higgins (L) outside the 'Love Island' villa (Yui Mok/Getty Images)

“But are you saying you’re bisexual?” presenter Adil Ray interjected.

“I’m not labelling anything,” Pritchard replied, to which Ray said: “Why not?”

“I don’t feel like I need to,” Pritchard clapped back.

During the interview, individuals who tuned in took to Twitter to describe the way in which Pritchard was being “badgered” was “unprofessional” and “disgraceful.”

“He shouldn’t have to label his sexuality and people shouldn’t keep speculating,” one wrote. “Let this guy live his life, if hes bisexual or ever gets with another male then so what? Its 2019 things like this should be widely accepted.”

Another said: “Interrogating someone about their sexuality on tv? He shouldn’t be forced to say or label himself as anything. Let him live.”

A third tweeted: “Most uncomfortable watch @GMB! Should be ashamed of urselves not his biggest fan but thought @CurtisPritchard handled himself very well.”

“This was a toe curling, cringing interview and I would have thought @kategarraway and @adilray would have conducted theirselves more professionally,” another wrote. “Shameful and totally unnecessary!”

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One viewer even drew attention to the fact that during her time in the villa, Pritchard’s partner Maura revealed that she’d slept with women as well as men and that no one seems to be quizzing on her about that now that the reality series has ended.

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