Good news for pet owners! Spotify’s podcast and playlist may keep your pet in good company

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Ever considered putting on a special playlist to keep your pet entertained? Well, that could make the world of a difference to your pet’s quality of life. Believe it or not. pet tech is big business worldwide and a popular lifestyle choice for animal lovers and pet owners across the world. According to Spotify, your pet’s at-home and sleeping habits matter as much as yours!

While the music streaming service may not be your favourite pet advisor, Spotify has spent an entire year collaborating with pet psychologists and many animal experts to develop a playlist and a podcast for your furry companion! Yes, you read this correctly! The podcast comes with a specially curated, pre-prepared soundtrack too.

Wondering why?

Spotify’s research has shown that pet owners in the UK are of the view that music has a soothing effect on their pets at home.

For instance, playing ambient sounds cut out the usual sounds from outdoors such as car doors shutting or trash bins that are being emptied. The harsh sounds that are linked with outdoor activities tend to impact pets and their behavior, which is why playing ambient sounds to block or minimize the effect is being mulled.

For pet owners, a special My Dog's Favourite Podcast comes with a pre-prepared soundtrack. Guess what it does? It keeps your pet in good company till you are back home!

It turns out that 60 percent of pet owners found their dogs taking notice of famous voices, according to Spotify, which is why the site has now launched pet playlists for dogs.

Not just that, Spotify’s near-perfect algorithm is set to curate a playlist comprising of 30 tracks that are customized for pet owners. Gear up for slow tempos available for shy cats and upbeat pop for labradors.

Simply put, your pets may tune into these playlists and not be tempted to venture out of home while you are away!