'Good On Paper' review: It's a 'rom-con', a dating nightmare

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29 Jun 2021: 'Good On Paper' review: It's a 'rom-con', a dating nightmare

Netflix recently released Good On Paper, which stars comedian Iliza Shlesinger and Ryan Hansen. Based on the actress's real life, the movie is not a rom-com, but a "rom-con." The story revolves around Andrea and her ambition to see herself on a billboard. Then, enters Dennis and the smart Andrea makes the mistake of judging a book by its cover. Here's our review.

Story: Dennis portrays the perfect gentleman image for Andrea

When Dennis from Yale dresses well, pays for everyone's drinks, hangs out with your friends and helps you get through auditions, the 34-year-old Andrea feels special and falls in love. Ignoring the fact that she doesn't know anything about him, never been to his apartment, or met his friends and family, the comedian thinks Dennis is right for her. Too good to be true!

Details: BFF Margot gives the reality check to the dreamy-eyed Andrea

While Margot (played by Margaret Cho) is one suspicious lady, she is the reason why Andrea finds the truth. Her words make Andrea suspicious toward Dennis, which leads to a long list of lies and heartbreaks. Although the BFFs' methods to make Dennis confess the truth are weird, they didn't imagine the consequences. This movie is a reminder to listen to your friends always.

True Story: In real life, Shlesinger had dated a guy like Dennis

In an interview with Vanity Fair, Shlesinger revealed that the movie is a true story based on her life. She has dated a man similar to Dennis in real life, who claimed to be a rich and Yale alumni. "He'd always buy drinks for people. It was almost like, if I can posture like this, nobody will question me," she shared about her ex-boyfriend.

Verdict: Movie is a one-time watch and is predictable; gets 3.5/5

The story of this movie is real and people can connect to it at some level. Andrea is portrayed as a smart woman, but fails to have faith in her instincts. This film teaches you that instincts can never go wrong. On the whole, Good on Paper is perfect for rom-com lovers, but is predictable, which makes it worth watching once. Verdict: 3.5 stars.

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