Good Punjabi Film Better Than Bad Hindi Film: Diljit Dosanjh

Arjun Patiala star Dijit Dosanjh claimed in a recent interview that he would rather choose a Punjabi film with a good script rather than a Hindi film with a bad script. The actor was speaking to a daily newspaper about about his next Punjabi release Shadaa, how he balances regional cinema and Bollywood, his female fan following and more.

When asked if the lines between regional cinema and Bollywood had become blurred and if it was easier than before to hop between industries, here’s what Diljit had to say.

"A good Punjabi film is better than a Hindi film with a bad script. If it is a Hindi film, doesn’t mean it’ll be superior. If there is only fun and no content in a Punjabi film, then that is also not right. Content is the king. Nothing changes or no film gets superior because of language. " - Diljit Dosanjh

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“Hindi is our national language. More people understand it, hence it does more business. But there is no dearth of content in any regional film. It needs the same amount of hard work. Earlier it was that once you land in Hindi films, you stop doing regional cinema. I never believed that. Like if you get work through a friend, you won’t leave the friend later on. So I got work through Punjabi cinema. So it’s my duty, my love and even my fans here whom I cannot leave,” he added.

Speaking about his career in Bollywood, Diljit said that he still had no set plans for it and simply went with the flow.

Diljit’s next big Bollywood release is the cop comedy Arjun Patiala, which also stars Kriti Sanon. The trailer for the film was released recently.

Diljit will also be seen in the Akshay Kumar and Kareena Kapoor starrer Good News, which is set for release later this year. Shadaa releases in theatres this Friday, 21 June.

(With Inputs From: Indian Express)

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