Goodbye: Reliance CEO Shibasish Sarkar On Amitabh Bachchan- Rashmika Mandanna Pairing In The Film: ‘They Play Father And Daughter’- EXCLUSIVE

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The announcement of Goodbye featuring Mr. Bachchan was a complete surprise. Says Reliance CEO Shibasish Sarkar, "Well, Bachchan Sir’s dates were locked in one year back. But we were not talking about it." About the unexpected Bachchan-Rashmika Mandanna pairing Sarkar says, "They are not a romantic pair. They play father and daughter."

Is Reliance looking at more film projects in the coming year? "We have production schedules lined up for the next 18 months. Many shootings are over. Many are on the floor....and some more projects are going on the floors next few months. Depending on the requirements of the directors and actors, sometimes we make an announcement, sometimes we don't."

Sarkar feels theatrical performances of films since Covid have not been worth mentioning. "In North and West’s not up to the mark. I’d say it’s below expectations. In the Telugu market, some films have really done well. Kannada, Malayalam also, some films have done well. In Tamil after Vijay’s Master nothing much has worked. We have to see now how Sultan does. Telugu is one market that has done really well. North, West, East ....still very disappointing"

In June 2020 Shibasish Sarkar had revealed how he fought COVID-19. "Not because of Covid, which I was fighting for 15 days. But there was a freak incident one night in the hospital. Some medicine reacted wrongly with the body and for 45 minutes I literally fought with death. It was so close. I will have to break this sometime slowly to my wife. She is also not aware. But anyway I am safe now. I have felt and seen death an inch over my body. Anyway I got a second Life....a new meaning of life. I have a couple of suggestions. First for the disease. You can't ignore it. You don't know how you can get it since it's like an unknown enemy, you can only remain careful. The next day you will be bad. There is no rhyme or reason to the virus and its progression, as everything is trial and error. So mentally you have to remain strong. The day you remain unwell you have to believe you will get well and don't get bogged down.”

Image source: SpotboyE archive/Instagram/rashmika_mandanna

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