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1. Cleanse, cleanse, cleanse

Start and end your day with a good cleansing routine. Make it a point to remove all traces of makeup, dirt, oil, and grime that have accumulated on your skin. Use a quality cleanser suited to your skin type and half your work is done! When cleansing, use circular movements, don’t scrub as that can cause irritation. After you’re done cleansing, wash with cold water as warm water opens up the pores and increases the chances or dirt and bacterian entering. Cold water closes pores and doesn’t allow any dirt to get in. Avoid washing your face very often during the day as that can strip it of natural oils needed for nourishment. Remember to moisturise well after each wash so that your skin stays hydrated.
Photograph: Aqua Mechanical/Flickr

How to get gorgeous, glowing skin like Dia Mirza

Give your skin the TLC it needs to shine and dazzle with these handy tips.

No matter what look she’s sporting, Dia Mirza flawless, porcelain beauty always manages to steal the show. This former beauty queen’s makeup tends to be minimal and toned down, letting her faultless complexion shine through. While Dia is blessed with naturally good looks, she makes it a point to take care of her skin, and you should too! Here are six simple tips to help you get glowing naturally.