7 Gorgeous Lockdown Indian Weddings That Will Lift Your Spirits

Binjal Shah
Gurpreet and Ramandeep's wedding.

You’ve planned this day for months, and in some cases, years. You’ve agonised over every little detail starting with the trimming on your dupatta to the exact shade of gold on your partner’s sherwani. The sangeet playlists, the bridesmaids outfits, the flowers at your reception, every decision took days and a dozen excel sheets. You factored in emergencies, but nope, not a pandemic.

Your wedding date is here, the pandemic shows no sign of plateauing and one of the most important days of your life has to play out much, much differently than you had planned.

Heartbreaking? Would seem so.

We spoke to seven couples from various parts of the country, who have had to cancel wedding ceremonies scheduled on dates during the lockdown which had left small-tropical-honeymoon-destination-sized holes in their pockets and their hearts too.

But without a shred of regret about what could have been, they gushed to tell us how the most special days of their lives turned out to be much bigger bangers this way:

1. Bhumika & Kussh

Bhumika and Kush at their wedding.

Mumbai-based fashion designer Bhumika Ahluwalia’s celebration of love with Kussh, felt urgent, but also meaningless when not shared with those who lacked love the most during this isolating pandemic:

“We had initially decided to postpone the wedding, but as we saw things only getting worse, we decided to get married just to be able to start our lives together. We went ahead with only pheras, on May 17, at the Gurudwara. All our preparations were made in a week. I did my own makeup, my sister and mom did my hair, and my neighbour put my mehendi on — so it was a simple, DIY affair,” Bhumika said. 

Bhumika and Kush

“Only our first families were present at the wedding, so just the 12 of us, with our extended families and friends watching live on Zoom. It...

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