Got A Bad Haircut? Here Is How You Can Fix It

Monika Khajuria

I am sure we've all been there. The haircut we were so excited about did not exactly pan out the way we had imagined. When we decide to get out haircut done, more or less we have an idea that we tell the stylist. And then we leave it to him\her to give you the haircut that you had in mind. And, when the stylist is done, the final look does not look as you thought it would. Whether it is because of your misunderstanding of a look that will suit you or the stylist was not up to the mark is a conversation for another time. But, right now, you have got yourself a bad haircut. So, how do you fix it? Luckily for you, we have some amazing ideas to get you out of this dreaded situation. Read on and find out!

But before that, to prevent this situation from happening, remember this golden rule- before your haircut, always consult with the stylist if the intended haircut will actually suit you or not. And if the answer is no, don't go that route.

Let's now move on to how to deal with a bad haircut.

If You Know It Immediately

In most cases, we know it immediately that the haircut is bad or it doesn't suit us. But we put on a fake smile, thank the stylist and come back home only to regret cutting our hair. Do not do that. If you know it immediately, tell it to the stylist and ask if heshe can do anything to make it better. And if you are lucky, it might get sorted right there.

If you realise it later that you don't like your haircut, you can go to a nearby salon and ask if they can fix it. It might cost a few bucks. But, hey, your haircut is fixed.

And if none of the stylists can do anything, read on to know what to do.

Hair Pins To The Rescue

Hairpins are the most neglected hair accessory. It is also the hair accessory which has the most rescue potential in situations like these. Whether you have got a bad front cut or the bangs does not suit you, use the hairpins to fix your hair. There are some statement hairpins available these days. You can use them to accessorise your look and hide your bad haircut as well.

Apart from hairpins, there are other hair accessories such as hairband, scarf, bandana and ribbons. Make a half-updo, a bun or a ponytail and style it with these hair accessories until your hair grows back.

For Uneven Hair, Make The Best Use Of Heat-Styling Equipments

Trust us, heat-styling equipments can hide most of the mistakes. If your hair is middle-length to bob length, you can use a curling wand to give soft curl to your hair. This adds bounce and texture to your hair and gives you a stylish look. For longer hair, you can straighten it with a flat iron to give it a smooth and classic look and wait for your hair to grow back enough to rock the natural look.

If It Becomes Too Short

The length of the hair is often the reason for a bad haircut. If your hair is cut too short and it doesn't suit you, you have two options. Either cut it even more and sport a bob or pixie cut (you never know, you may like it!) or use the heat-styling equipments to add some texture to your hairstyle and own it till you grow it.

Use Hair Creams And Hair Gels

The way you style your hair can also make a huge difference. Now that you have a bad haircut, you need a little help in styling. A hair cream or hair gel is your answer. These let you mould your hair the way you want and fake a great hair day. So, invest in some hair care products and wait for your hair to grow.

Getting Hair Extensions Is Not A Bad Idea

Hair extensions, quite frankly, is a great idea. It is a quick fix to the issue and no one will know that you had a bad haircut. The clip-in extensions are the easiest to work with. You can consult a stylist to get tips on how to make the extensions look real.

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