GOT7 Jinyoung’s Heartwarming Speech At The “35th Golden Disc Awards Made Fans Emotional

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According to recent news, GOT7 members will end journey with JYPE and choose their new paths.

After this news members have made multiple social media posts to let fans know that they will forever be GOT7.

At the 35th Golden Disc Awards Jinyoung‘s heartwarming speech bought tears in many fan’s eyes.

In the speech, he said, “Everyone, 2021 has just begun. First of all, Happy New Year to you all. Well, in 2020, we all had to face a lot of unexpected things, changes. Many people struggled and endured a hard time together, laughing and crying. I hope all of us can laugh together in 2021. Also, I pray each and every one of you will be blessed with good fortune.”

Jinyoung concluded his speech by stating, “We, GOT7, will always come back with good albums and music, thank you.”

Jinyoung’s statement about GOT7 coming back in the future has made fans emotional.

Here’s the full video below!