Govt opens organic vegetable market to revive traditional farming in valley

Srinagar(J&K), June 04(ANI): Government opened an organic vegetable market to revive traditional farming in the valley. This initiative was taken by the department of agriculture aimed to revive the traditional organic farming which was an important part of Kashmiri tradition. So the government introduced the first organic vegetable market last year at the directorate of agriculture Lal Mandi, Srinagar. But due to the pandemic and lockdown growers could not manage to produce and continue this organic farming. With the help of these step growers can revive and promote organic vegetable culture and create more sources of employment for unemployed youths of the valley. Mohamand Yousuf who is a staller at the Organic vegetable market said , “one of the benefits of organic farming is that expensive chemicals are not required to grow fruits and vegetables. While the second is that the vegetables produced in organic farming are good for people and it has no sid effects”.The outlets of organic vegetables in Lal Mandi Srinagar where the growers are getting good response from organic loving customers. The growers are very happy about the step taken by the agriculture department and they are expecting a good response in future.

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