The graduate job that can earn you £85k straight out of university

Dusty Baxter-Wright
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From Cosmopolitan

While research has already revealed the university subjects that pay the lowest, new data from Business Insider UK and salary benchmarking site Emolument says some graduate jobs in the world of banking and finance pay up to £85,000 a year straight out of university.


After surveying young professionals working across the UK financial services sector, Emolument found that those with quantitative skills are likely to be the highest paid when they first enter the job market, picking up an average salary of £65,000, topped up with a casual £20,000 bonus.

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Sounds good, huh? Studying subjects that involve applying basic mathematics skills to the analysis and interpretation of real-world quantitative information, such as Economics, for example, would help you gain the necessary skills.

The research says quantitative analysts earn almost £25,000 more than the next highest paid graduate jobs, with bankers working in structuring coming in second with an annual take home of around £60,500 - a combination of a £54,000 salary, and £6,500 bonus.

Graduates working in institutional sales earn around £58,000 according to the research, and those in mergers and acquisitions earn roughly the same - though they have a larger scope to rapidly increase their earnings as they ascend the corporate ladder.

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"Quants complete their studies with highly technical knowledge with which they can hit the ground running, making them some of the most sought-after graduates," Emolument notes.

Anyone else considering retraining?

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