Greta Gerwing has been massive motivation for me to give direction a go: Saoirse Ronan

Los Angeles, Jan 5 (PTI) Actor Saoirse Ronan says she always wanted to pursue direction, and working with filmmakers like Greta Gerwig has inspired her to think seriously about it.

The actor has collaborated with Gerwig on critically-acclaimed movies -- 'Lady Bird' and 'Little Women' -- and she said she always found the job of a director very fascinating. 'I think I've always wanted to. When I think about when I was younger and I would do press for films, they would always ask me, ‘What was it like to work with all the famous people?’ I’d be like, ‘It was great.’ But the director is who I always loved the most, and they were the one that I wanted to, make happy and I wanted to be close to them.

'It’s something that I would absolutely love to do and yeah, it’s just because I’ve picked up so many things from other directors that I’ve worked with. Watching Greta, and seeing what she’s done over the last few years, has been a massive motivation for me to give it a go,' Ronan told Deadline of becoming a director.

And the actor already has 'Little Women' and 'Lady Bird' co-star Timothee Chalamet on board for her directorial debut.

'Timmy said he'd be in a film that I'd direct so that's good. If I can get Timothee Chalamet, I'm sorted. There's so many actors that I’ve worked with that I would absolutely love to direct,' Ronan said. PTI SHD SHD