Is Greta Thunberg a Time Traveller? This 120-Year-Old Photo of Her Lookalike Has Freaked Everyone Out

A photograph of a girl taken 121 years ago has gone viral and sparked rumours that teenage climate activist Greta Thunberg is a time traveller who's come back from the past to save the future. Sounds crazy? Well, wait till you see the photo.

The photo, which was discovered in the University of Washington archives, shows three children fetching water from a well. A girl in the foreground looks exactly like Greta, and we're shook. The braids, the facial structure, the eyes - everything looks so similar! Also, the girl in the photo seems to be glaring, very much like the one Greta shot at US President Donald Trump in a video that went viral a few weeks ago.

The photo was taken around 1898 in Canada, at a gold mine, according to historians.