Written by Madison Nagle

With the inevitable convergence of fashion and art, brands are positioning themselves as patrons of creative culture. Amidst various companies launching collaborative projects with artists, Grey State stands out, cultivating a deep degree of originality and innovation. This female owned and operated company has partnered with Kathryn Lewis, a New York based dyer and textile artist, to create unique tie-dye pieces on Grey State’s seasonless collection.

The most successful collaborations are those involving a more significant partnership between the artist and the brand. Grey State and Lewis stressed the importance of working together from conception to execution to create a product that would not only influence consumers, but fundamentally shape the brand. As a NY based company, Grey State wanted to collaborate with a local artist, so they could highlight the art of the process and bring back the personal touch. In this age of fast fashion, clothing has become disposable and the personal touch is often lost. The company wanted to slow down, take a moment, and appreciate the uniqueness of every piece. Each piece is dyed by hand and has taken the color in its own way to create beautiful, one of a kind pieces.

An expert in natural and synthetic dyes, Lewis graduated with distinction from the MA Textile Design program at the Chelsea College of Art and Design in 2013 and spent two years prior to her schooling studying textile dyeing and crafts in India. Most notably, she has worked with the New York City Ballet, Free People, Marchesa, Anthropologie, Urban Outfitters and Tiffany and Co., but it was not until this collaboration with Grey State that she had the opportunity to dye an entire small batch herself. “Working with Grey State was an amazing opportunity for me. I love that the company is a sustainable small brand founded on the same ideals that I have for myself as an artist.”

Grey State owner Saima Chowdhury believes this capsule collection represents everything the brand has been built on – from female empowerment to sustainability. “The core of Grey State is to design seasonless, comfortable, stylish pieces that are crafted in natural fibers—clothes you invest in, love, feel connected to and wear all year round. We are trend right but not trendy. We hope this capsule collection will give our customer special pieces that will add uniqueness and joy to her life,” Chowdhury said.

Whether you’re aiming to save the planet, support a female artist, or simply stay on trend with this 70’s inspired comeback, Grey State is here for you. Shop the capsule collection starting (launch date) on

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