Is 'Grey's Anatomy's beloved pediatric surgeon Arizona Robbins returning?

Shubham Dasgupta
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03 Nov 2020: Is 'Grey's Anatomy's beloved pediatric surgeon Arizona Robbins returning?

Remember Arizona Robbins, the pediatric surgeon par excellence at Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital, the haven of all cool doctors?

Jessica Capshaw, who played her in Grey's Anatomy, is hogging headlines for her role in rom-com movie Holidate on Netflix.

Besides her unavoidable screen appearance in the film, she wants fans to know that given a chance, she would happily return to the medical drama.

Details: Capshaw played the surgeon to die for in the show

Capshaw played the role of Robbins for ten seasons and bade goodbye to Grey's Anatomy in 2018.

The blue-eyed doctor was the only one the hospital could rely on when any child took critically ill and was admitted in a ward for immediate medical attention.

She was also known for her troubled relationship and marriage with fellow doctor, Callie Torres, played by Sara Ramirez.

Belief: "Netflix has given birth to another generation of Grey's viewers"

Interestingly, despite Capshaw quitting the show long back, her character still resonates with the viewers of the series and that's because of Netflix, the actress believes.

"Netflix has given birth to this whole another generation of Grey's viewers and the funniest part of it is that I haven't been on the show for two years but nobody knows that," she says.

Details: Last seen: Robbins and Torres's relationship status open-ended

Season 14 was when Capshaw was seen last on the 15-year-old show.

It had left Robbins and Torres's relationship status open-ended, as the former was seen smiling while texting her ex-spouse (Torres).

Expressing her gratitude to the showmaker, Capshaw said, "I feel like that was my home for so long," adding that her character in Grey's was liked because of its different dimensions.

Script's demand: Capshaw left 'Grey's Anatomy' because of this reason

Capshaw, who plays Abby, the mother of four kids in Holidate, left Grey's Anatomy with Sarah Drew aka April Kepner after Season 14 because the script demanded so.

Talking of their exits in 2018, showrunner Krista Vernoff stated, "As writers, our job is to follow the stories where they want to go...sometimes that means saying goodbye to characters we love."