Singer Grimes claims she removed part of her eyeball to 'cure seasonal depression'

The Canadian singer described her intense "training regimen". [Photo: Getty]
The Canadian singer described her intense "training regimen". [Photo: Getty]

Next time you’re struggling to get up to go to the gym, spare a thought for Canadian singer, Grimes, and her intense training regime.

As part of an Adidas campaign, she described her regime in immense detail, leaving fans confused as to whether she was joking or not.

She told Adidas she has “eliminated all blue light” from her vision through experimental surgery in a bid to “cure seasonal depression”.

Fans were left asking “which parts of this are serious?” after her Instagram post racked up over 130,000 likes.

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As well as telling her 927,000 followers that she had surgery to “remove the top film of my eyeball and replace it with an orange ultra-flex polymer that my friend and I made in the lab this past winter”, it turns out she also goes to bed with a humidifier on.

It looks as though her 360 approach lasts pretty much all day, but the 20-25 minute “screaming session” or the 1-2 hour “sword fighting session” should give her ample opportunity to switch her brain off.

Katy Perry, who may not have got the satirical memo, commented: “Humidifiers YASSS.”

It seems she wasn’t the only one confused about the message.

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One fan wrote: “Can’t tell if trolling or serious.”

Another added: “Tell me this is a really nerdy joke.”

The majority of the comments ask whether the singer is being serious or not, but others described it as “top-tier humour”.

Singer, Feist, even crowned it “my favourite thing I’ve ever read on the internet.”

Quite an accolade.

Grimes has neither confirmed or denied whether her next-level routine is serious or not, so until she does, we’ll just be here searching for sword-fighting lessons online.

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