Groom's Father Elopes with Bride's Mother Forcing Wedding to be Called Off in Gujarat

In a dramatic twist of events, a long-awaited wedding of a couple in Gujarat was drawn to a halt when the in-laws were reported to elope together in a bid to rekindle their lost love.

The couple, who have been engaged for a year now was supposed to tie the knot in the second week of February in Surat. Meanwhile, the groom's 48-year-old father and the bride's 46-year-old mother have been suspected to run away together since they have been missing fro 10 days now.

According to a Times of India report, the groom's father, a businessman and member of a local political party, left his house in Katargam around January 10 while the mother, who is married to a broker, left her house in Navsari.

In the opinion of a relative and a close friend, the duo had known each other since childhood and were also close acquaintances since they lived in the same neighbourhood. Apparently, they also previously shared a relationship, before the 46-year-old woman got engaged to her present husband.

However, the unforeseen elopement of the in-laws has left the families in utter shame as the incident has become a hotbed of whispers.