Guess Who Has Taken Over Ananya Pandey’s Heart In Real!

manjari mukherjee

Soon-to-debut in Karan Johar‘s Student Of The Year 2 actor, Ananya Pandey has been making headlines yet again, this time over her alleged relationship with celebrity designer Monica Jaisingh‘s son Karan Jaisingh.

Well, according to the reports of a leading website, Chunky Pandey‘s daughter Ananya isn’t quite single. The two lovebirds, Ananya and Karan, have met through their families who share a warm relationship with each other. Moreover, even Ananya’s cousin Alanna Pandey is dating Yuvraj Jaisingh, elder brother of Karan.

However, the alleged secret affair in-between both Ananya Pandey and Karan Jaisingh definitely came as a big surprise. Even if one doesn’t believe the reports, looking through both their Instagram page will give one a fair amount of notion on just how close the two are in real! Like this one for instance, with the most heartwarming caption ever, from Karan’s Instagram account.

Ananya Pandey is soon to make her big debut in Bollywood opposite Tiger Shroff, however, she is already quite a star due to her features with Hollywood sensations on the US Vanity Fair. Well, seems like this girl’s getting all her checkpoints ticked off fast!

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