Guiding Light: Beyond the mind and intellect by Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

What is more important, objects or the senses? Senses are more important than objects of the sense. Your eyes are more important than television. Ears are more important than music or sound. Tongue is more important than the tasty things. Our skin is more important than what we touch. Many do not realise this. They think sense objects are more important than the senses. They know that looking too much into the TV is not good for the eyes, yet they don’t care about their eyes and keep watching television. They know that their system does not want a lot of food, yet they will give into the taste and eat more.

Mind is more important than the senses. When mind is not cared, only senses are cared, you get

depressed. When your craving for things becomes more important then the mind, it causes depression. You want to see something and if you don’t see it, you get depressed. So you are more attached to the senses and less to the mind. Wiser is the one who attends to the mind more than to the senses.

What is the nature of the mind? Your mind goes up and down. That’s why mind is connected with moon, lunar. The word “lunatic” is used to indicate that someone is crazy. The mind goes like the moon. Moon is never constant, it goes up and down.

What is beyond the mind? It is your intellect. If you just follow your mind, you will have no commitment in life and you will become more miserable. The mind will say, “Oh I want to go away for some time. I want silence.” You take silence, you will become more miserable. That’s why in many schools of thought, they say, “Kill the mind.”

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