Guiding Light: The Eternal Link

We all know and experience that these days there is so much violence on the planet that we have come to accept it as a norm in life. On the other hand, the instinct for harmony and order is deep within the human spirit, which is why many people consistently strive for peace and mutual respect. However the many fears and grievances hijack a person into a state of turmoil and stress over and over again even against the conscious wish of the person.

Under such a scenario, meditation works as a healing process that helps the person reconnect with his original self via understanding and remembrance. Through the remembrance of the Supreme Soul, the human spirit can heal, purify and be liberated from the many treacherous habits that constantly sabotage its life. Remembrance is the basis of relationship of souls with their master, the Supreme Soul. To remember the One who is eternally loveful, truthful and peaceful is what actually called the art of Rajyoga. Traditionally it has been said that Rajyoga is the most difficult of the yogas, but practically speaking in terms of relationship with Supreme it is probably the easiest wherein the self is understood as a point form of light, the soul, and God is understood as also being a point of light; each separate but united through thought and feeling. So this point to Point, light to Light, thought to Thought, heart to Heart: meeting is based on subtle love and not on anything visual or physical. In this meeting of point to point there is no distraction of bodies, nationality, culture, religion but it is a connection of pure feeling. To connect with Him, no position, role, nationality, label is really required.The only thing required is just clean motives. 

The word 'yoga' today has become a very common word. However the word - "Remembrance" pinpoints the relationship with the Divine. A relationship that includes the feeling of companion and of a friend. In remembrance the soul connects with God and through this connection is able to concentrate on the Eternal Friend's divine qualities and absorb them within itself. So beyond meditation and yoga is such remembrance where the soul is able to relate to God silently, personally and constantly, beyond any physical or subtle image, and feels fully connected and empowered. So what are you waiting for? Let’s kick start the process now.

— By Rajyogi Brahmakumar Nikunj ji

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