Guiding Light: The five elements

The five elements are the basic foundation of formation of everything in the universe. The humans and everything else in the nature are made up of the five elements - earth, water, fire, air, and space. Knowledge of these elements helps us to conquer ourselves, our mind and our soul. Each of the elements (i.e) earth, water, fire, air, and space represent a state of matter and each element plays an important role - Fire has the power to transform one matter into another, anything that is solid is Earth and it allows you to hold other matters, anything liquid is Water, anything that is gas is air. Space represents the power of nothingness - to understand and experience space represents high spirituality. The five elements are completely different form each other and yet they come together to form the law of nature - a universal law that is intuitively articulated by all the kingdoms - animal, plant, bacteria, fungi, protists.

These elements are also responsible for structure of human body, and it is necessary for human beings to maintain the balance for each element. If any element becomes impure or is out of balance, many physical troubles in form of discomfort and disease occur. One of the most efficient way to maintain the balance of these elements is Yoga.

It allows us to realise our real potential, help us to understand the elements in us and how they impact us. Yoga enables us to feel the connection between the elements and understand the law of nature accordingly. When we function as per the law of the nature, nothing can stop us from living a life of wisdom and pure joy. Therefore, we must practise yoga to maintain the balance of all the five elements in our body.