Guiding Light: Is God in the temple?

There was once a person who visited a temple to receive the Lord’s blessings. At the temple, he was overwhelmed because of the huge crowd that had gathered there obscuring the deity. In addition to this, he lost his footwear, was not served any Prasad (God’s food offering) and generally felt that he was not treated as well as he expected to be. He was disappointed as a result of his experience at the temple and he lodged a complaint with the temple authorities. This left him wondering if God really resided in the temple. He had come to God’s place and lost his belongings. If God really lived there, wouldn’t he safeguard at least those who visited Him? Even if not the entire planet, wouldn’t the great God ensure a pleasant experience as the host of His temple? Such was the nature of the man’s line of thinking and questioning.

What we need to understand is that for a spiritual practitioner these questions do not have any bearing on the path of spirituality. In the quest for spirituality or in the search for God, a true seeker or devotee does not have any expectations. For the true, pure-hearted soul, even being pushed to the very corner of a temple would still not disturb him or make him unhappy. He/she would be glad to be in the presence of God and all His devotees and, gladly send a prayer of thanks and love to all those gathered there. A spiritual person would not pay heed to whether his feet were shod or not as he would be joyous with every step that he took. It is you that needs to prepare yourself physically, mentally and spiritually before you enter into God’s house. For the true seeker of light, he/she strives to forever have a heart filled with gratitude, love, peace and purity.

— Grand Master Akshar, Yoga Master & Spiritual Guide