Guiding Light: Happy Winters by Shiv Rajvanshi

Bundling up in winter accessories

Patterned scarves and gloves, cuddly coats and fluffy hats warm us up and brighten our spirits during the cold winter months. Plus, the littlest family members look extra cute bundled up like marshmallows.

The first fluffy snow of the season

Some parts of the country don’t get any snow at all! But for those of us who do, the first fluffy layer of glittering snow makes everything truly look and feel like a winter wonderland.

Sitting by the fire

When you are ready to escape the cold, there’s no better feeling than cosying up by the fire with family, friends or just a good book.

Outdoor fun

There are a few activities you can do only when the temperature dips and snow coats the ground. Skiing, sledging, snowball fights, ice skating and snow angels in the back yard are the things that turn up the fun factor in winters.

A break from work and school

Thanksgiving was just a tease. Winter break is the real deal with kids and (sometimes) parents off for a whole week or two. This leaves time for fun like family movies, outings to the museum or visits to see grandparents and other extended families.

Looking at holiday lights

One of the more magical holiday traditions for many is walking or driving through town after the sun goes down. Looking at Christmas lights on trees, houses and churches is another delight in winters.

Giving (and receiving) gifts

Giving and receiving Christmas or New Year presents is common. But when a child opens up the present with a happy face, that cute face is the thing that busts our stress.

A fresh start in the new year

We know not everyone loves the idea of New Year’s resolutions, but most of us could use a clean slate every once in a while. Maybe you will find a motivation to try something new or change your perspective for a happier, healthier 2020.

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