Guiding Light: Matter & Spirit

The world is growing at an overwhelmingly great speed. Every 10 years there is a great change in the dynamics of technology which naturally affects the human way of living. If you did a comparative analysis between the ways we led our lives a decade ago to now, we would see a world of a difference. Everything from communication and even the food patterns are drastically different. As we can directly experience, when our phones or landlines as they called were tethered to a wire, we humans were freer. Now mankind is joint at the hip with technology which has its share of both positive and negative outcomes. Today, there is a dire need for mentors, knowledge givers and teachers who can guide people towards the light. It is most beneficial to us that we do not separate matter and spirit, even though the learnings and outcome of each is very different. The two should be practised together.

Let us not avoid or neglect the body in order to learn something that is within. We should not divide matter and spirit. They need to be practised together. Because spirituality is practised by the body so we should recognise the need for a unified practice. While the world is continually changing, we should prevent technology from overpowering us. Remember that both materialism and spiritualism are practised by you.

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The situation now is very dynamic, combine both physical practise with spiritual teachings to reap the full benefits of it. This is done through simple training for the mind. This adds to the quality of our journey making it more wonderful and communicative. For eg; even a mundane activity such as sipping on water takes on spiritual overtones when it is done by expressing love and respect to water. In this way, we can enforce a shift in our mind-set and experience the best of both worlds.

— Grand Master Akshar, Yoga Master & Spiritual Guide