Guiding Light: Are We Moving Towards Ram Rajya?

We all know that India attained its political independence on 15th August, 1947. During the period of struggle for independence, the toiling masses of India bared their chests to the volleys of bullets and shed their blood and sacrificed their property and family-life for the emancipation of Mother India. Ultimately, this strong aspiration for a free India was fulfilled on the mid-night of 15th August, 1947 but, alas, it was accompanied with the national trauma of partition and the subsequent mass-migrations, communal riots.

However, the people thought that this man-made calamity would soon be over and then would usher in the era of Ram Rajya. Also, they thought that, since the country had given to itself a constitution and a system of democratic elections, they would now have a government of the people, by the people and for the people and, so, the days of misery caused by a foreign government would soon be over. But, it is now being felt by all that their these visions were mere mirages with no real water around to quench the people’s thirst for love, unity, peace and plenty. They felt that the system does not ensure a government for the people and, perhaps, there would be no end to their long travails and tribulations. 

Now, that the elections are over and people have given their verdict, it is for the parties and their leaders, who had been promising paradise on a platter, to fulfil their promises. All will give the leaders best wishes for their success and would give them their full co-operation for ending rampant corruption, crime, killings and fissiparous tendencies. But, let everyone of the leaders and the motley crowd read these writings on the wall.

Firstly, that without universal love, feeling of brotherhood, compassion for the deprived and the weaker sections, integrity and purity of mind, nothing can be done for the well-being of the people. Secondly, that for cultivating all these qualities, universal spiritual knowledge and meditation are essential. Third, that this is, perhaps, the last chance. If nothing practical is done to raise the moral standard of the people and the leaders even now, then there will really be a deluge — a deluge of tears of the poor and the suffering millions, mixed with bloodshed by the fanatics, the criminals, the communalists and the grossly body-conscious people! It is high time that we take these lessons, do some heart-searching, throw off the yoke of vices, and change for the better.

— By Rajyogi Brahmakumar Nikunj ji