Guiding Light: Be Your Own Therapist

Every morning you drag yourself out of the bed. You put that alarm on snooze for n-number of times. After getting up you still feel all exhausted. Though you manage to do your daily routine jobs, whether it is at home front or at work. Still you are not your real self. Every day you put a mask on your face and hide behind it. Sometimes even that fails!! You find yourself all over the place. Scattered, shattered, uncontrollable, inconsolable!!!

Are you able to relate to it? Some of you may find it 'all relatable'; whereas for some of you 'it may just be the beginning'; and for some 'bits and pieces are true.' That's OK. What needs to be inferred is: Does this ring a bell in your head? Why are you bearing all of this or maybe some parts? How long you want to carry on like this? Do you want to break free from it?

If the answer to the last question is a 'Yes.' Then pat your back. Give a nice tight, warm hug to yourself. Yes, of course you deserve a life without such dead ends. Everybody does. Without wasting any more precious time on digging as to why this happens to me, let’s march on and learn how to break free break. Break free from these negative, unhealthy, vicious thoughts that have held you till now from living a happy and healthy life. Happy and healthy life both physically and mentally. 

To achieve that goal of leading a happy and healthy life you need to make a choice. Making choice is an important skill for life and work. It is important for home management, work management and to begin with self-management. The process of choosing and choosing rightly implies the process: a set of steps and rules that provide an assurance of thoroughness. This means breaking choices down into component parts and doing one thing at a time. With a process in place, you can have a language and a set of mental models that can help you converse, communicate with your own self in more efficient and effective manner about your choices.

— By Kavita Yadav

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