Guiding Light: A ray of light behind the darkness

The basic human nature is to ensure that we are happy and we keep trying hard to control the things around us so that our happiness is not harmed. But the future is always uncertain and the cycle of happiness, calmness, stress, sadness and other emotions keep rotating. It is always said that the light is always at the end of the tunnel because one must first learn to inhibit the darkness of the tunnel to successfully reach at the end. On the tangible level, human eyes do not work properly in darkness and therefore, irrespective of the structure of the tunnel and what things are inside of the tunnel, a human being naturally feels scared. However, the eyes can always see the direction of the way from where the light is entering the tunnel and tries to make way to reach to the light.

On the spiritual level, we associate darkness with ‘bad’, ‘evil’, and other things that can harm us physically, causing pain. The darkness can be a terrifying experience and it tends to bring our fears out, making us feel trapped. Various moments in our lives make us feel trapped. Can you remember a situation in which you felt trapped and you felt you had no control over things? I am sure that not just one but you will recall many situations like this. But if you are reading this right now and the situation is already a memory, you will realize a very important lesson of life. And if you are currently dealing with a situation where you feel stuck then you must know that NOTHING in the world is permanent and there is a greater power in the universe that is rotating the wheel of emotions/situations for you. If you are dealing with a bad situation right now, be assured that it WILL END. Everything has an expiry date and so does the darkness in life.

— Ritesh Rawal