Guiding Light: You are the reflection of your Spirit

As a species, the human race is blessed with the unique powers of imagination and free-will. Because we enjoy the freedom of choice, we are not hostages to our circumstances. With the power of ingenuity, we have ability to turn any situation around to our advantage. Empowered to be the architects of change, we can shape the direction that our lives are taking.

Whatever our experiences whether good or bad is a direct result of our own actions. There are times when your actions have immediate consequences and at other times, your present is simply a reaction to your past. If you have ever wondered who or what is the cause of this, the answer to this question is ‘your spirit’. If you are able to build the spirit up by channelling your actions and energies towards betterment, then this can make the spirit positive and powerful. The spirit thus needs to be cared for to enable a good outcome.

Consider this example, the food I am consuming is bland and tasteless and, if I am the chef I have no one to blame but myself. This makes me accountable and responsible for my own actions, and I cannot blame another for my doing. Avoid passing the buck elsewhere, as this will only cause you more negativity. This leads to a loop of bad experiences that could turn extreme stress to paranoia. The best solution is look within and begin the process of correcting oneself. When you go on this journey of self-transformation, you acquire spiritual powers that work on your goodness aspect. When the spirit transforms, then life too is transformed. Let the true light of goodness shine from within, this will make you whole and leave you feeling contented.

Grand Master Akshar, Spiritual Guide & Lifestyle Coach