Guiding Light: Respect your food

Your body is what you eat. Your mind is what you think. What you give to your body in terms of nutrition is very important. Have you tried to exercise mindfulness while consuming food? Do you think it is possible to be calm and composed when you are eating your food? Can you be aware of what you are eating when you are in the middle of a meal?

Eating is an activity we take for granted and carry it out like automatons with no conscious thought to the process. Similarly, to benefit the mind, is it possible to remain calm when you are thinking? This is the quality which will help in building the mind. As an example, during the process of rope walking, all your attention will be focused on keeping your balance on the narrow stretch of rope. A distraction, no matter how slight will surely cause you to lose your balance and fall down. Thus, there are some very powerful activities on this planet, like feeding your body, and talking to your loved ones. If you were to be distracted by your phone or any other such worldly activities while talking to your loved one, you will lose the outcome of that love. In the same way, be more attentive to the food that you are consuming for your body. Understand the benefits of attentiveness. Food that is eaten with love will nourish your body with similar energies. Eating a meal when distracted or unhappy will similarly affect you negatively. This is why it is important to consume your food with mindfulness. In the same manner, you must pay special attention to the kind of food that you feed your mind with. What you feed into your mind will become that which shapes you.

— Grand Master Akshar, Yoga Master & Spiritual Guide

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