Guiding Light: Serving Online is not Enough!

Prerna Sachdeva

After the advent of Social-Media, many drastic changes are seen in our lifestyle and thought process. Have you ever noticed, what is the main thing/subject which has become widely popular since the birth of Social-Media?

Think of your answer before you see what am I going to talk about?

On Social-Media, the subject which has become prominent is Social-Service. Many people and organisations have taken a step to change the lives of impoverished people. Surprisingly, the young generation is taking a massive part in giving a positive impact on the lives of people-in-need. Some are donating money and inspiring others to do so! Others are making videos on the same subject and encouraging the audience to be like them. By seeing such videos, we also feel inspired to do something for the destitute people. Most of us get connected instantly with the emotions shown in the video and feel urged to do our bit. And, that’s how we click on the “Donate” button.

But what happens to all of us when we go offline? Why do we stop caring for people who are already around us? Certain people may or may not tell us clearly that they need something. Some people may need our emotional support and others may need money or food. A housemaid may need some bucks to pay for her children’s school fees, a beggar near-by our house may need some food to eat, a friend may need some financial help, and most likely a family member of ours may need our emotional support.

Therefore, we should also look at our surroundings, observe, and donate there as well. Be it food, money, or our time, giving our helping hand to people around us is as significant as we do for people who are far away from us. While you click on your next “Donate” button online, do not forget to look around and click on the invisible “Donate” button offline and help people who may need your help.

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