Guiding Light: Someone is watching you

A thief broke into a house and with meticulous planning, he ransacked the place. He left no traces of evidence that could lead back to him and, lived out the rest of his life without being caught for the crime. This brings us to the question of accountability. If we think no one is watching what all do we expect to get away with? The truth meanwhile is that whatever action we are taking, whatever we see or hear is always being watched by someone. Maybe we believe this form to be God or call it the Universe. No matter by what name we choose to call it we have witnesses for our actions. Before the days of surveillance, this may have been a hard concept to grasp. But now, given the progress in the system of spying on someone, we must realise what we may be up against. This gives us an understanding that someone is watching us even though we think we are alone.

What would the consequence of such a scenario be? In this, the concern is not that of punishment or appraisal. Rather, it is that of self-discovery, learning and observation. We must become witnesses to our own thoughts, behaviour and actions. The sense of accountability that comes from the knowledge of being watched should become our natural order. If we all have a hall monitor recording all that we do, it must be because we warrant it. Learn to perform your actions along with reflection and review. Practice exercising a sense of conscientiousness whether you are alone or not. This self-disciplining will keep you in safety. When you are in the process of working on yourself, you are in a state of improvement. To be able to live your life completely and with great rest, perform your actions with responsibility.

— Grand Master Akshar, Yoga Master & Spiritual Guide