Guiding Light: Be the Space Influencer

Three types of space exist-external space (Bhut Akash)-in which all the elements are there, inner space (Chit Akash)- where thoughts and emotions come and (Chid Akash)- the space of energy where there is no thought, no emotion but you just feel the energy there.

We seldom understand; pay attention to these three different spaces. There is a beautiful story.

There was a small hill in a beautiful garden and whenever the gardener would go on the hill, he would invite everybody walking on the streets saying, “Please come and take flowers and fruits.” When people would come and he got down from that hill he would say, ‘how dare you come here, this is trespassing’, and chase them away. This pattern kept repeating itself.

So the wise people thought they would find out the space he was in? They dug the mound and found a big golden throne that belonged to a king called Vikramaditya.

This king had been a pious, generous king of good character and he had ruled the country sitting on that throne, many years ago, therefore the vibrations still existed.

So whenever the man went on the hill he got into the generous space and when he came down he became nasty. So the space you are in matters.

When children are playing or when you are singing or chanting with everyone, the space becomes harmonious, serene and beautiful. That doesn’t mean you should avoid people because they are not good company.

Instead of running away from negative influences you must positively impact any environment. Doing your meditation and spiritual practices will help you be strong and stable in any space.

Don’t be a ping pong ball. Instead be like a bat. You should be able to influence the space around you, with your peace.