Guiding Light: Travelling and Mental Peace

Our mind can travel the universe while remaining within our home. Such is its capacity and craving. It is designed to be filled with experiences, beauty, art, knowledge and all forms of positivity.

Travelling takes our mind to new places, giving us new experiences and a whole new perspective. To embark into the unknown gives the mind the opportunity to grow, to absorb every information through our heightened and excited senses.

When we remain in one place, our body and mind become accustomed to this immediate environment and are tuned to sustain within it. When we remain within the comforts of our everyday environment, our mind becomes conditioned. When we set foot outside our boundaries, the mind becomes infinite. Once we take ourselves out of these habituated surroundings, the mind instantly evolves. It is like a sponge that expands as it absorbs more and more.

Travel experiences are a sensory overload. They do have a unique effect on the human mind and through the documented experiences of many, it is considered an avant garde learning experience. These adventures and constant movement ultimately bestow our minds with the gifts of stillness, calmness and peace.

What does the mind experience through travel where the eventuality is Peace and tranquility?

The introduction to new cultures and an appreciation for their lifestyle, their perspectives, their habits and their place in this world. This builds the quality of acceptance and the ability to see positivity and goodness in any situation or any fellow human.

It builds self-confidence and the gives the euphoria of freedom. Freedom to a positive mind is the ultimate gift. It builds the individual’s social nature, helping them to bond with people of different backgrounds and cultures. This helps us appreciate other cultures, our own culture, the differences between the two and most importantly, how those differences bring us all together.

When the eyes no longer recognize, the ears buzz with varied sounds, the air in our lungs tingle differently and our taste buds are surprised, the senses are all in a blissful mystery. This is an adventure that the entire body shares in and brings the mind to a platform of bliss.

--Shiv Rajvanshi, Brand Strategist