Guiding Light: The Wavering Mind

Whatever you are experiencing as your mind right now is an accumulation. Depending upon the kind of family, social, religious, educational and other types of backgrounds you have, accordingly you have that kind of mind. From the moment you were born, whatever you perceived through the five sense organs has been stored, and that is your mind. The content of your mind is an accumulation of lots of bits and pieces of information gathered from outside. If you look at it, it is society’s garbage bin really, because anybody – your parents, friends, enemies, books, movies – everybody who passes your way throws some nonsense into your head. Because you are not sufficiently aware, it just keeps churning and staying alive but doing nothing. If you bring the necessary awareness to who you are, then you can have the simple joy of switching it on and off as and when you want. Anything is really useful to you only if you can switch it on or off at your will. If it is on all the time, it becomes a nuisance.

The mind is a tremendous possibility and can be a tremendous focus. It can be a ladder to divinity and can be an instrument to transport you from one dimension to another. But unfortunately, it wavers. It is a distraction and is unfocused. It is now a source of misery, tension, anxiety and above all suffering. All the suffering that you have gone through in your life was manufactured in your mind. It did not come to you from somewhere else. It is just like asking, “Why is my body diseased?” – Because you did not understand how to keep the body. Similarly, you did not pay enough attention as to how to keep your mind. If you ask, “Why has my car broken down today,” when you do not understand the mechanics of how to manage a car. If you want to drive and enjoy the car, you must know how to keep the car. Otherwise you are simply going about accidentally without knowing anything.

— Sadhguru, Isha Foundation