Guiding Light: Where can we find God?

Grand Master Akshar, Spiritual Guide & Yoga-preneur

Does God exists only in temples? And if He is outside of temples, then where and how can one find Him? There is truth in the statement that God is in the temples. However, there is also truth in the statement that God is everywhere. For a thief, God is certainly not present in the temple. Instead, in the temple the thief sees only that which he wants. This could be the jewellery that decorates God, the pearl bracelets, diamond necklace, gold and His crown.

So for a thief, all his focus lies in how he can get his hands on the precious ornaments. Similarly, when he is out in society and is involved in his activities of crime, there is no God there either. But when a devotee reaches the temple, for him the idol in the temple seems to be God Himself. Which is why if you ever see a devotee’s eyes, they will be teary. He looks at God with such eagerness, says his prayers, and worships Him. For the devotee, no matter where he goes in the world, you can see that he stands with his arms folded, palms joined in salutation, and meditating.

For him, God is both within the temple as well as outside. There’s also another kind of person for whom God exists only in the temples, and nowhere else. You need to decide for yourself which of the 3 types of people are you? Are you a thief, a devotee or the ignorant man for whom there is just the idol in the temple, the only place where he can see God? When you want to see and experience something, that object will materialize itself by the sheer power of your thoughts. God is beyond your prayers, and your thoughts. If your prayers have the power of devotion, then he will make Himself visible to you.