Gulraiz Aslam, A Person With Diverse Talents

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The hidden formula for achieving success is to keep working hard. There are no shortcuts that can be done at the top. Life isn't an elevator, after all. "Until you reach your destination called success, you must climb the steps called trying, failing and repeating," quotes the celebrated Pakistani entrepreneur and blogger Gulraiz Aslam.

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He is a person with different talents and is one of the budding names from the youtube. Gulraiz Aslam began working in the field of blogging, entrepreneurship and tech videos at a very early age, before embarking on his journey as an artist. He always said that first I am a YouTuber, then I am an Artist. Gulraiz Aslam is an author of "blogging & email marketing tips" published on Amazon and Goodreads.

Gulraiz Aslam belongs to a family that is bourgeois. But, he always said that people, with a lot of diligence, make their future better. As the founder of Codeshop Analytics, the entrepreneur has worked his way through any project that is available.

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The Karachi based company could also be a one-stop destination for all the digital solutions including marketing, software development, online image reputation, social media marketing, software test automation and much more.

Gulraiz Aslam could also be an exceptional asset and inspiration for the tech world, as he also represents tech at such a high level and has a global influence on the entire globe.

If you'd wish to urge in-tuned with him you'll by following his instagram account @gulraizaslam786

We desire him luck for all his future works and initiatives and he might also achieve all that he dreamt!