Gulshan Grover Birthday Special: Five Dialogues Of Bollywood's Bad Man That Will Fill You With Dread

Moumita Bhattacharjee
·2-min read

Today there are no defined villains in the Hindi cinema. We have realised how screwed up our society is which lends itself to be one of the biggest antagonists in movies these days. But back in the 70s, 80s, and the 90s, the decades which believed in showing the victory of good over evil gloriously, villains were as important as the heroes. They would either be suave masterminds like Lion or flashy and outlandish Mogambo or the vicious politicians in Krantiveer. They always had a face and one such face was Gulshan Grover. The guy has mostly done negative roles and over the years, he had become so pro with his vileness that it used to make the audience cringe. So his end in movies was always celebrated.

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Today Grover is proud be called the Badman of Bollywood because of so many movies of his where he played the negative person. But more than being an evil person, it is his dialogues that used to make our ears bleed. It ranged from cringeworthy to downright offensive to extremely scary. We have compiled five such extremely scary dialogues of the actor right here for you.

Kalyug Bhagwan with Shaitan in the mix

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Gulshan Grover (Photo credit: Twitter)

Every woman would want to run for cover if they hear this...

Gulshan Grover (Photo credit: Twitter)

When you want to be bad but also funny

Gulshan Grover (Photo credit: Twitter)

Even death is his slave...

Gulshan Grover (Photo credit: Twitter)

Eye contact is prohibited


Gulshan Grover (Photo credit: Twitter)

Do remember here that the man mouthing these dialogues is far from being the villain he portrayed in so many films.