Gwyneth Paltrow and Brad Falchuk are finally moving in together — one year after their wedding

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One year after getting married, Brad Falchuk and Gwyneth Paltrow are moving in together. (Photo: Axelle/Bauer-Griffin/FilmMagic)

Gwyneth Paltrow and Brad Falchuk finally will be moving in together — one year after they were married.

The actress and Goop CEO made headlines in June when she said that she and her producer husband, who married last September, only sleep under the same roof four nights a week and the rest of the time he was in his own home. Well, things are changing in a few weeks.

In an interview with the Wall Street Journal, Falchuk revealed that had he sold his Brentwood home just days earlier. “I’m moving in September,” he said, referring to officially cohabiting full-time with his bride.

He went on to say of their unusual marital living arrangement, “We’ve just done it slowly” and the reason is because of divorce. Falchuk and Paltrow each have two children from previous marriages (hers: Apple, 15, and Moses, 13; his: Isabella and Brody), so taking it slow was in consideration of their kids.

“Divorce is terrible, even when it’s the right thing to do,” he said. “And it’s really hard on kids.”

However, “Come September,” Falchuk continued, and he and Paltrow are “gonna Brady Bunch it up, and it’ll be great.”

Paltrow echos this in InStyle’s September issue, saying, "We took a year to let everybody [in the family] take it in and let the dust settle, and now we’re moving in together."

September is a big month for the couple: In addition to their new living situation and celebrating their first anniversary, it’s also the month their joint project, Netflix’s The Politician , comes out. Paltrow acts in the show while Falchuk is the executive producer and writer on the show.

“It’s probably, everything told, my favorite thing ever that I’ve done,” Falchuk — who was also behind Glee, American Horror Story and Pose — told the Wall Street Journal. He called Paltrow’s character a “much darker version” of herself.

Falchuk knows that he is the less famous of the pair — and he’s OK with that.

“That whole world of fame is her world,” he told the paper. “I always tell my kids,” with his first wife Suzanne Bukinik Falchuk, whom he divorced in 2013, “we have it great — because if I need to get us a dinner reservation in Rome, it’s easy. But when we get there, nobody knows us. I can operate anonymously in the world. And I like that.” (He added that he sometimes gets mistaken for Zach Braff.)

About life at home, he added, “there’s a media version of her and me, but we’re just home cooking dinner. Or she’s just cooking me breakfast. That’s all. We could not be a more normal couple.”

As for any hater headlines — about jade eggs and how she can’t remember any of her Avengers co-stars — they don’t think or talk about them.

“Gwyneth has a very tough skin,” Falchuk said. “She’s like, ‘You’ve got to relax.’ At the end of the day, we’re getting into bed together... and nothing from the outside world or anybody’s opinion means anything.”

Falchuk’s reason behind their decision to go slow when it came to cohabiting fits with Paltrow’s whole “conscious uncoupling” vibe. But — jokes aside about the term she used during her divorce from Chris Martin — Paltrow has continued to walk the walk. She and Falchuk recently spent a beach day with her ex-husband Martin and his girlfriend Dakota Johnson.

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