Habits to adopt for healthy hair

Make these small tweaks in your routine to groom your mane to perfection.

Brush knots out before a shower
Wet hair is more fragile and weaker, and therefore more vulnerable to breakage. It’s also more likely to get tangled. So it’s best to comb your hair and detangle the strands before you step into the shower. This way you’ll do less damage to your hair and have lesser hair fall in the shower.
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Condition the ends first
Moisture is key for shiny, healthy manageable hair, and this is where conditioners come in. A lot goes a long way, so you don’t need a lot of product when it comes to conditioners. Start at the mid-lengths and move towards the ends. Once you’ve given the ends enough love—so that they don’t split, tangle, or break off—work your way towards your scalp. This gives the conditioner more time to work on the ends. Keep the conditioner on for a minute and then wash off.
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Avoid hot showers
It might feel amazing to step under a hot shower and ease out all the kinks, but scalding hot water isn’t doing your hair any good. It can strip hair of its natural oils, making it dry and weak. It can also irritate your scalp and wash out hair colour faster. It’s best to wash your hair with lukewarm warm and do a cold-water rinse at the end of your shower to seal your cuticles and boost hair health.
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Pay attention to your scalp
A healthy scalp is key to healthy hair. So pay attention to what it’s telling you. A dry, flaky, or itchy scalp needs to be taken care of. Treat your scalp with as much attention as you would your hair or skin. You need to regularly exfoliate, cleanse and hydrate your scalp. Consult a doctor if the itching or other scalp issues persist and drugstore shampoos aren’t doing the trick.
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Apply a hair mask
Your hair needs some TLC just like any other part of your body. And incorporating a hair mask once a week into your routine is a healthy hair habit that will provide deep conditioning and rehydrate your mane. It will leave you with silky soft, shiny hair that isn’t weigh down with products.
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A heat protectant product is a must
It’s essential to minimise the damage done to your hair when heat styling. Protect your hair by apply a heat protectant spray, serum or gel to your hair before you start. This acts as a barrier, preventing loss of moisture, and keeps your hair look healthy.
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Blow-dry the right way
As we mentioned before, wet hair is weaker and more fragile, so it’s likely to break if you’re tugging it with a hairbrush when blow-drying. Therefore it might be best to let your hair air dry till it is about 80 per cent dry. Comb through and then bring out the blow dryer to style it as you want. The remaining bit of moisture in your hair is what will help you set it. Those with curly hair might want to air dry hair till it is about 30 to 50 per cent dry before styling with a blow-dryer so as to prevent frizz.
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