Hacks to Look Taller

Nishtha Gupta

Being a petite and curvy girl myself I know the pain of looking shorter in the dress you dream of wearing. So I use a few fashion hacks to look taller and slimmer.

1) Wearing High Rise Bottoms

High rise of high waisted bottoms give an illusion of longer legs and shorter torso. Be it skirts, jeans or trousers, it makes the waist look snatched and slimmer.

2) Flared/Bootcut/Wide Leg Pants

These pants have a certain character which instantly makes you look taller. For a better effect, use a pant which hides your heels.

3) Nude/Clear Shoes

Be it flats or heels, these footwears make your legs look slimmer and longer. Moreover, these kinds of shoes go with basically any outfit!

4) Extra Long Jackets

If you aren’t a big fan of cropped tops or jackets, the go for coats or jackets which are long enough to go below the knees. Wear a monochrome outfit underneath it to create a long vertical line to accentuate the height.

5) Tuck-in your Shirt/Top

This instantly elevates the whole look and again creates an illusion of smaller torso and longer legs. This look is absolutely chic.