Hacks to make thin eyebrows look fuller

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Follow our guide to get killer brows in a jiffy!

Shape them right
The first step to getting amazing brows is to get the shape right by finding the natural points of your brows. To do this, grab a pencil or anything that has a flat edge. Hold it vertically against the side of the bridge of your nose. Where it falls on your brow is where your eyebrow should start. Mark that spot. Next, angle the pencil from the edge of your nostril to the centre of your eye’s iris. Where it hits your brow should be the highest point of your arch. Lastly, angle the pencil to your eye’s outer corner. Your eyebrow should end where the pencil hits the brow. Use these three markers to create your brow shape.

Create depth with layers
One key trick to make brows appear naturally full is to create layers with two different brow tones. One should be the colour of your natural hair, the other a little lighter. Use the lighter colour to lightly fill in your brows in the overall shape that you want. Then go in with the shade in your hair colour and create new ‘hairs’ using small upward strokes in the direction of hair growth. Using two shades will give your brows dimension by creating depth and texture.

Use a pencil when in a hurry
Brow pencils are the most popular option as you can use them to quickly fill in the gaps and shape your brows. It helps to use pencils with a fine tip so as to draw on thin measured strokes to create more natural looking ‘hairs’. Remember to first use a spoolie to brush your hairs in place and then use the pencil. Using a pencil that’s a shade lighter than your actual hair means you can draw away without worrying about your brows looking too heavy.

Pay attention to the brow fade
Natural brows aren’t a solid block of colour from end to end. They are lighter in the inner corner (as hair is thinner there) and darker towards the arch and tail end. So your eyebrow makeup needs to mirror this look. One way to do it is to apply less of the brow product where the eyebrow starts. Or use a lighter coloured-brow product on the inside. Filling in too much colour in the inner corner can also make your eyebrows look blockish and therefore very fake. You can go more intense the further away you go.

Use a brow gel
Tinted brow gels are another great option for those whose brows are thin and uneven. They’re handy for those days when you don’t have the time to shape your brows but want to keep them in check. The gels come with a brow wand and are easy to apply as well as long lasting. A few swipes is all you need to get the job done. The gels will add a hint of colour to those areas that are sparse and help you keep your natural brow shape.

Pick waterproof brow pomade for the gym
Creamy pomades are more pigmented than other types of brow products, which means they don’t come off easily. This makes them a great option for when you’re heading to the beach or taking part in a sweaty activity, like working out in the gym. Use a wet angled brow brush to create bolder eyebrows that won’t budge.

Photograph: lisaeldridgemakeup / Instagram