Hair Hacks To Survive Dirty Second Day Hair Like A Pro

Monika Khajuria
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We must have been warned numerous times that washing your hair everyday is a bad idea and for good reason. Not only would it take a lot of tome to wash and dry the hair everyday, but shampoo also contains tons of chemicals that can be extremely damaging for your hair.

Not reaching for the shampoo everyday can be a task when your hair has a tendency to get dirty on the second day. It also isn't easy to ignore the greasy scalp and oily hair. So, how do you protect the hair and look presentable with the second or even the third day hair? Worry not! With this amazing tips and tricks, you can survive the second hair day like a pro.

Use A Hair Accessory

Hair accessory are a great way to hide your greasy hair. The second day hair can be saved by styling your hair with a scarf, hair bands or a studded hair pin. It looks trendy and shifts the attention from your oily hair.

Switch Your Hairstyle To Braids

Braids have once again become trendy. They enhance your look, give your hair a lift and help hide the greasy hair. For the second hair day, you can for either French braid, Dutch braid or waterfall braid. You really have lots of options to choose from.

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Go For A Messy Look

Hair sticking to your scalp on second hair day is the stuff of nightmare. How about a cute bun or braid made flirty by adding some mess. Pulling a few hair strands at the front or making a messy bun adds texture to your hair. The extra texture can hide whatever you want to hide and provide you relief from the horror of second day hair.

Change Your Parting

If you do not have the time or the patience to do anything else, switching your parting can do the trick. If you usually do middle parting, part your hair at the side. If you usually side part your hair, middle part it or flip your hair to the other side. The fresh parting with clean hair will work as the perfect disguise for the second day hair.

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Dry Shampoo To The Rescue

If you have extremely oily hair which are hard to conceal with any hair accessory or hair style, the best way to manage second day hair is to get a dry shampoo. A few pumps of the dry shampoo on the roots and your hair is fresh again in a few seconds. It soaks away all the oil and also helps in styling the hair better.

Or Maybe Some Baby Powder

We understand that you might not always have dry shampoo. At times like these, baby powder comes in real handy. Sprinkle some baby powder on your roots and gently rub it in using your fingers. The baby powder is amazing at soaking up the grease and oil on your scalp. You can also use your regular talcum powder to do the same. After a few minutes of applying the baby powder, your hair will feel refreshed and a lot less greasy. Style your hair the way you want and slay the day!

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