Hair and now

A good hairstyle can be a game-changer but only if you get it right. Sargam Dhawan, Director, DAFNI India, points out, “Women tend to change their skin-care regimen, wardrobe and cosmetics as they enter different phases of their life. Likewise, the hairstyle needs to be upgraded too. Our facial features and bone structures change as we age and so maintaining the same hairstyle and length throughout life is not at all a good idea.”

Sowmya Raghunandan, Technical Trainer, John Paul Mitchell Systems, India, adds, “Choose a style which is easier to maintain. Use styling products to support it and give salon-like look everyday. Invest in a good styling tool, and use it only on completely dried hair. Set a routine with treatments/spas for coloured hair.”

Vouches Samantha Kochhar, MD, Blossom Kochhar Group of Companies and World Deputy Chief Expert – Hair, World Skills International, “A good hairstyle defines your persona and outlook towards yourself.”

Sowmya mentions a simple wearable braid with a twist to change one’s look instantly. “Just a side messy bun can bring elegance and fun for both traditional and party wear. Choose a simple accessory like a jewelled headband or add some coloured pins on one side. We all know our best selfie angle, add some fun to that portion of the hair.”

Starting with the twenties, Sargam shares, “The twenties are all about being experimental and stylish. Hair grows fast and can handle all the damages caused by curling, straightening or colouring even with little care. If planning a career in the educational or corporate world, go for an edgy asymmetrical cut, pixie-cut, shoulder-length hair, long-wavy tresses and layered long hair.

The time invested to take care of hair needs should be considered as well as some haircuts need regular trimming and maintenance. Women in their thirties tend to get busy with their family or career or both at this age. Gray hair also pops up but we can opt for something very close to our natural hair colour. Long hair with youthful bangs and locks, bed-head bob, shag-hairstyle, chin-length, pixie-cut and long beach-waves are some hairstyles to look younger.

For comfort and styling, we can go for ponytails, top-knots or classy buns. In the forties, hair tends to get brittle and thus requires proper care. However, do not be afraid of the age and go for the hair-cut you want. If you have your hair long, messy braids and buns will make you look younger. In the fifties, the hair’s nature and health should be analysed. If opting for colouring, go for a lighter colour to look younger. Consulting a stylist can help decided what colour works best for your skin tone and face shape.”

Those in their sixties should choose an easy-going short hairstyle to enhance their features and hide any blemishes, Sargam mentions. “Most women’s hair turns grey at this age. Though it can look sexy not everyone is confident enough to carry it off. One can opt for soft light colour shades of blonde instead of browns. If the natural colour used to be dark, opt for a dark base with lighter highlights. In the seventies and eighties, one should not follow rules; rather opt for a comfortable and happy hairstyle. If there is something you always wanted to try, this is the right time to take that plunge. A classic bob or a shoulder-length hair and even spiky cuts if you are confident enough.”

Changing facial features and bone structure should be considered, points out Samantha. “In one’s twenties, grow your hair long and then go for an edgy cut and chop it into a short bob. One can also try straightening, curling hair, or colour it the way you want. In your thirties, go for various hairstyles like long hair with youthful bangs and locks and wavy-bob. You can keep your hair open to look younger.

However, for comfort and styling you can go for ponytails, top-knots or classy buns. In your forties, you can go for layered hair of different lengths. If you have the confidence, go for pompadours and quiff styles, edgy cuts, curled up shoulder length hair. You can keep your short hair open and flaunt it all the time. In your fifties, angled shoulder length hair with layers, short chic hair and long-straight hair look amazing. If you have long hair which is thinning and looks dull if kept open, go for a clean side bun which is perfect for your age.”