Halloween 2019: Miley Cyrus and Cody Simpson's Joker-themed kissing is really messing with our heads

Miley Cyrus’s love life has been making headlines lately. The singer divorced Liam Hemsworth and was in a relationship with Kaitylnn Carter, however they shortly parted ways and Miley is now dating Cody Simpson.

The two first spread relationship rumours when they were seen being all mushy in public.

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They have been friends for a few years now and the duo made their relationship official on Instagram.

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Miley and Cody have been very active on the photosharing app and often share adorable videos with each other.

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In a recent video that was shared on Instagram, Miley Cyrus and beau Cody Simpson are seen engaging in some PDA while preparing for Halloween.

Cody Simoson shared the video on his story. The couple is seen lying on the bed and playing around with the Joker filter giving us Halloween vibes already. Miley and Cody had fans drooling when they engaged in some serious PDA in the short clip. Miley and Cody are seen cuddling and being all mushy. Cody is seen shirtless while Miley cuddles up in her beau's arms in a black lingerie. The two end the video by touching tongues.

Halloween’s here and fans are excited to see what creative costumes do Miley and Cody come up with. Cody in an interview to a news outlet said, "We're trying to think about costumes right now." He also told E! that he has been planning to dress up as Joker.

While Miley and Cody are visibly having a good with time with each other, Liam Hemsworth has also moved on. Liam was recently spotted with Dynasty fame Maddison Brown.

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