The Hampi story: Why the ruins are a must-visit

Written and produced by Rummana Ahmed

Camera and Editing: Gautham Gopi

On the banks of the Tungabhadra river, surrounded by rocky mountains lies the ruins of Hampi, once the capital of the rich and powerful Vijaynagara empire.

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Every year - this ancient city would welcome thousands of visitors, especially from foreign countries, who come to explore the forts, the temples, the shrines and other tourist attractions.

Agriculture used to be the main source of income here but after it was recognised as an UNESCO heritage site in 1991 - tourism had become the main source of livelihood for many.

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The pandemic however has changed everything for these folks:

While the tourism industry is struggling - there are other affiliated businesses hat have also had to bear the brunt.

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While many of us know about the holy sites in Hampi, every few of us were aware of the “jolly side” or the Hippie island.

The island drew in backpackers from around the world - they would stay on for months after the rains would cut-ff the island from the main land.

But authorities felt that the Hippie culture was adulterating the sanctity of the temple town and in 2019 the shacks and shanties were demolished.

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